A to Z

April is Challenge Month — I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo and the Savvy Authors Boot Camp.

MISSION: FINISH the current novel, which has been languishing as a WIP for too long!

For me, there’s nothing like an external deadline, however voluntary and self-imposed, to get those words flowing. Reporting my progress daily to my teammates gives me a sense of perspective and maybe just a little bit of a kick from friendly competition?

The A to Z blogging challenge occurs at the same time, and as long as I”m being all motivated, dedicated, and productive, I figured, What the heck, why not? πŸ˜€

So, starting Monday and every day throughout April (with Sundays off), there will be a new post on my blog –one for every letter of the alphabet.

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Now to decide what category to blog about…what fun! it’s like playing Scattergories! Β Only this falls under the category of building-a-social-media-platform.

“P” is for “Productive Procrastination.” πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. I’m taking part of Savvy’s bootcamp as well. What team are you on? I’m a Repeat Offender. Good luck with all your challenges. April is going to be a blast!

    • Hi Emmly — I’m on team Editpaloozies — determined to finish the WIP I was editing in January. That process highlighted a lot of plot holes so it’s like writing with a backhoe ;-D Good luck to you too!

  2. I am trying to get some one mine written ahead of time too. Especially week one when I have to important clients in town and have to concentrate on my “real job”. Rather be writing full time. Maybe someday.

  3. Hi, Deb.

    I like your A-to-Z theme. Since I just started my blog last Wednesday, I look forward to reading all the intricacies of a social media platform. That, along with our Camp NaNo and Savvy Authors Boot Camp writapalooza!

    Cheers to all of us!


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