E is for Egg Cream

The quintessential New York soda fountain specialty contains neither eggs nor cream, Originally invented in the 19th century by Brooklyn candy shop owner, Louis Auster, the authentic egg cream is made with

U-Bet chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer.

egg cream 1    egg cream

It’s simple and delicious.

Years ago, I was missing NYC and egg creams, and I concocted a version that is surprisingly good. It’s fast, easy, refreshing, and also very low on calories.

 Step 1:  pop open a can of Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda and fill a tall glass about 1/3- 2/3.

Step 2:  Fill the rest of the glass with skim milk.

                       egg cream canfields [109x213]   egg cream milk

 Voila! It doesn’t have as much froth on top that you get from a seltzer spritzer, but it’s nice and fizzy and I swear, it tastes just like the egg creams I remember from when I was a kid.

You can use low-fat or whole milk, of course, and vary the chocolate soda to taste.

Unfortunately, the local stores stopped carrying Canfield’s.

Once in a while I drop by Miller’s East Coast Deli on Polk Street, and get an authentic egg cream.

egg cream millers sign    egg cream millers

But I’d love to be able to make the light version at home again.

So it was a real thrill when I realized, while researching this blog post, that you can now get Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge soda on AMAZON!

One order should last me through the summer ;-D


9 thoughts on “E is for Egg Cream

  1. I have a great picture of introducing my daughter at around 8 to her first egg cream! We were the Applejack Diner on Broadway. The look on her face – so cool! And we have U-Bet in the squeeze bottle in our fridge all year long!

  2. I remember when an American finally explained this concept to me. We were at a deli. He ordered one. I thought it tasted disgusting. But I believe it’s a cultural thing. I guess it’s like me trying to convince Americans to eat Marmite! I think you have to start these taste experiences as a kid. And I good dollop of nostalgia around our food and drink always makes it taste better somehow.

    • Good for you for giving it a try! On my side, I have tasted Marmite and found it hard to swallow (I mean that literally as well as figuratively ;-p) Coincidentally, I was just discussing Marmite with a friend from Australia who insisted that Vegemite is so very very different (and better). But I’ve also tasted Vegemite. Ugh. I guess you had to grow up with it. ;-D

    • I think egg creams were originally created as kind of the “poor man’s milkshake” — b/c there’s no ice cream like in a milkshake or float. So they’re a little lighter.

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