A blog is born!

And unlike a baby, it had to be named before it could be born. Also unlike a baby, the blog has no gender. But it was still difficult to choose a name.

Why Creative Fog?

  • because fog  creates a mysterious, writer-ly atmosphere. It seems like anything can  happen in the fog — it’s secretive, ephemeral, and fleeting. Much like the creative muse.
  • because fog is iconic to San Francisco, where I live — it existed  long before the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, or even the city itself.

fog gg bridge [pd]       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • because fog, as Carl Sandburg wrote, “comes on little cat feet…” — that’s how ideas creep up on me, out of a creative fog.
  • because fog refreshes what is stale and tired, including my imagination.
  • because “fog” rhymes with “blog.”

                                                                 cat paw prints